Last Update : 10/01/06

The Blekinge Tekniska Högskola of Ronneby, Sweden

From an Erasmus agreement between the IUP Miage of Nice and the BTH ofRonneby, I carried out my Master Miage first semester in Sweden. The courses were all in english and chosen by me.

The BTH's website: here.
The courses I selected were the following ones:

-Project Management (7.5 ects).
-Quality Management (7.5 ects).
-Strategy, Business and Information Systems (15 ects).
-Web technologies (7,5 ects).
-Swedish for Beginners (7,5 ects).

You can consult the works I wrote during this period (in english only):

-Project Management : Course Plan.

1. Part one : Organizational Aspects and Structure.

2. Part two : Systems and Procedures.

3. Process Model/Development method : SCRUM (Report and PowerPoint) + The others groups reports (Extreme Programming/RUP/DSDM).

4. Managing Technical People : Managing Change + The others groups presentations (The Manager as leader,Managing Technicians and Professionals, Identifying & Developing Talent, Innovation and Innovative teams, The Organization) + my additional report on the whole parts.

5. Interviews : Interview + Report.

The references we used during the course are the following ones :

-John M. Nicholas: Project Management for Business and Engineering, Second edition.
-Humphrey Watts S: Managing technical people.
-Demarco Tom, Lister Timothy Peopleware: Productive projects and teams, 2nd Edition.

-Quality Management : Course Plan.

1. Philosophy of Quality : Report.
2. Quality Issues : Report.
3. ISO and CMMI : Report.
4. Quality Techniques and Models : Training + other group reports (Reviews-Inspections, Prototyping) + my addtional report.
5. Zahran: Software Process Improvement: A Framework for SPI + The others groups presentations (Process Thinking, Making SPI Happen, Business Benefit of SPI) + my addtional report.
6. Articles Selection: CMM in Uncertain Environment, What Small Businesses and Small Organizations Say About the CMM + Report.

The references we used during the course are the following ones :

-Bergman, B. & Klefsjö, B.: Quality from Customer Needs to Customer Satisfaction.
-Zahran, Sami: Software Process Improvment - Practical guidelines for Business success.

-Business, Strategy and Information systems :

1. Report + PowerPoint.

The reference we used during the course is the following one:

-Johnson Gerry, Scholes Kevan: Exploring Corporate Strategy.

The BTH experience has been really good as the courses displayed gave me a high quality of new skill. The Project Management and Quality Management courses will influence my future career as I discovered an area which particulary interest me. The exchange students are warmly welcome in this University and the welcoming program is excellen (integration week, organized trips, etc.). I must admit I met many people from different countries (Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, etc.), and they became some of my best friends. Sweden, Danemark, Norway and Finland are ones of the most beautiful european countries. I advice you to visit them. The environment is really good in these countries and especially to study there, doing your master in scandiavia is a really good as the submission fees are free this region.