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Institut Universitaire Professionnel of Nice: Option MIAGE

It is in the "Institut Universitaire Professionnel de Nice" that I carried out my third year of University (2003-2004) in the MIAGE option which stands for "Computer Sciences Methods oriented to Business Management". This formation is linked with the Science Campus of the Nice city.The website: The Science University of Nice, France.

You can find a description of the formation here (only in French).

The formation contained the following courses:

-Basics in Computer Science : Java (Project MP3_Media_Player - The final year project: Application of slot coin machins Doc + Code + Presentation). Sotfware engineering (Cahier des charges - Project on the 2006 Torino Olympic Games).
-Information Technologies : Networks, Distributed Services (Processes, algorithms, etc.)
-Web Technologies: JSP, TechnoWeb. Project : Realization of a Java Chat Application . Project in XML.
-Information systems : Information System Conception (UML Final Year Project) - Databases (SQL-Oracle-Form Builder).
-Organization Management : Finance - Costs Analysis - Business Managementl
-Marketing: Project (Buffalo Grill case, only in French).
-Mathematics : Decisions - Linear Programmation and Theory of Games.
-Communication : Communication techniques - English - Spanish.

The 'Licence MIAGE' was a perfect progress for me as it perfectly fitted the IUT Informatique in order to have a Information System specialization. It was interesting to carry out a big Project in two semesters: one for the Requirements Analysis (UML) and one for the Programing Part (Java).


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