Last Update : 10/01/06

Institut Universitaire Technologique of Nice: Option Informatique Génie Informatique

It is in the IUT of Nice that I carried out my first 2 years of University (2001-2003) in the option 'Génie Informatique' which stands for a two years diploma in Computer Science. You can find a description of the formation here (only in french).

The formation is divided in two main parts:

Computer Science :

-Programmning (C, C++, Java)
-Operating Systems (Script Windows, Linux, Unix, programmation XWindow)
-Database (SQL, Access, VBA)
-Web Technologies (HTML, CGI, PEARL, PHP, JSP)
-Information Systems and Application Design(Project Management, GANTT, PERT, Documentation, etc.)
-Analsis Methods and Models(Merise, Lapage, UML)

Additional Knowledge:

-Mathematic (Algebra)
-Economy and Business Management (Accounting - Macroeconomy et Microeconomy, Business Environment)

I reall appreciated this formation as most of the courses were focused on a project realization. The learnings were more professional than theorics which created a more dynamic program for the students.
The second year proposed a second semester with an internship. I carried out this semester in the Cegep de Shawinigan, Québec, Canada.

IUT Nice-Côte d'Azur
Département Informatique
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