Last Update : 10/01/06

The Texas Holdem Poker


It is most probably since Dave Williams (on this picture) and Mattias Andersson (both Magic Pro players) finished respectivly 2nd and 8th at the 2004 Poker World Series that most of the Magic Pro Players started to play the game.
I started to play this game in May 2004 as most of my friends did.

Texas Holdem Poker is a different way of playing from the old style 5 cards poker. If you do not know the rules, I advice you to look at this website.

I only practice the game from a low level view but I really like to see the Pros playing in the big competitions. The European Circuit - The World Poker Tour.

This discipline is starting to come in Europe step by step. We can already see some tournaments review at TV. Many announcements can be seen everywhere regarding the Poker Website.Here is one of the most famous playing poker website: Party Poker.

I advice you the following lectures if you want to start playing the game:
-Winning Low-Limit Hold'em : Lee Jones (The best book to begin the game).
-Texas Holdem Poker for Advanced Players : David Slansky.
-Theory of Poker : David Slansky.

Good Luck ! :)