Last Update : 10/01/06

Magic The Gathering

I started to play Magic The Gathering in 1996 and I must admit I still enjoy to play this strategic game. This card game even if not really known by most of the public gather thousands of players all over the world.
If you don't know what is Magic The Gathering, I advice you to consult this website which provides a good sum up of the game and its rules.

This card game is distributed by Hasbro and Wizard of The Coast. It proposes several competitions all around the world, there is a pro circuit with a
very interesting prize payout policy for each tournament.

-The Wizard of The Coast's website: here.
-The upcoming tournaments: here.
-The Pro Tours and Grands Prix for this year.

I am actually a semi professional of this game as I play in most of the Pro Tours and European Grand Prix.

I already played in the following Pro Tours: Osaka 2002, Houston 2002, Boston 2003, San Diego 2004, Atlanta 2004, Nagoya 2005, Londres 2005. I will participate to PT Pragua in 2006.

I also played in the following Grand Prix: Milano, Cannes, Florence, Reims, Londres*2, Hamburg, Boston, Pittsburgh, Lyon, Munich, Götenburg, Madrid, Birmingham, Zurich, Vienne, Helsinki, Paris, Eindhoven, Singapore, Taipei, Nottingham, Copenhagen, Lille, and Hasselt..

I appreciate this leasure as it allows me to travel, meet some people from different countries, but also for the fun it provides (the strategic aspect of the game is really interesting). The competitions are really difficult at a professional level and it often happens to play games with an high ante?

Magic is also a collective card game, which means several cards are extremely rares. I am actually the webmaster of an ecommerce website located in Paris: La Boite A Cartes (creation: December 2004).